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11th July: World Population Day, Quotes, Images, Whats App Status


The world population day is celebrated every year on the 11th of July whose main objective and agenda is to increase the awareness related to population control as well as the issues that arise from the increase in the population. The day is a reality check for all the countries which are still having an exponential growth in their population and to motivate those countries to start some policies or programs which would keep a strong check on the number of the people.world-population-day

Why we Celebrate World Population?

This event of celebrating the 11th of July as the world population day was established by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme in 1989.World Population Day

Growth of the population in the last decade

The problem that the world has been facing because of the population growth is still at the same position after even a number of policies have been implemented by the countries around the world to cure it. In 2011, the global population was numbered around the 7 billion mark. At present the number stands at 7.8 billion in the world.world-population-day

The problem and global issues are still present where they were priorly because very less countries took initiative to control the problem. Most of the countries made a policy and path for the eradication of the problem of population growth but were only limited till the development of the policies only and no further action were taken by the government to further implement the policies.

The statistics experts have been predicting that the population would be reaching to a mark of 8.5 billion in 2030 and approximately to a number of 10.7 billion till the end of the century. The reasons and the factors for the increase in the population of the world have been mainly the level of illiterate percentage and the orthodox mind set of the people who have contributed largely by these sectors of people.

In the country like India, the factors for the increase in the population were many before a decade or so. But now, the condition has become quite better than before as people lately have become aware of the in-house problems which have been developing since a long time. The education served to the students, awareness drives and policies which have been implemented by the government as well as followed by the people proved out to be really very helpful and effective for grabbing a control on the growth rate of the population.

World Population Day Quotes, Images, Whats App Status

All over the world , the countries with the leading population are the China, India ,the United States, Indonesia and Pakistan. The countries have been making their different set of policies for coping up with the population. The controlling measures have been set up in all levels of the public. The training sessions and programmes for the immediate problem are well going on in the medical facilities and institutions. Even the big literate people have been taking part in the awareness drive. The film as well as the television industry have also been taking part in the drive for making the citizens of the country aware about the problems and issues going on within the county.

In the present time, during the pandemic it is even more important to set it right in the mind of the people to abide by the policies and guidelines which would be very hepful in the long run and in the coming future.