Home News 15 Years Old Girl Olivia Barac Train Incident Death, Age

15 Years Old Girl Olivia Barac Train Incident Death, Age

Olivia Barac Train Incident

There is heartbreaking news on the internet, where a girl was hit by a train, she was just 15 years old at the time she was hit. Her name is being told Olivia Baraca, but so far there is no official statement about her name, investigating is still going on still. The news is getting viral on the social media sites, in the Glenroy on the 14th of Oct in the year 2021. This incident took place at 6:30 pm. Just after the incident, the girl was rushed to the hospital and admitted there for her treatment. She was in serious condition.

Olivia Barac Train Incident

Olivia Barac Age

There is no official information that has been found yet by the sources, the investigation is going on, and we are trying to find out more info related to her. Even her exact date of birth is also not given, but as far as we know, she is being told 15 years old at the moment. Moving forward more details then the young was on the Seymour Line, and all of sudden she was hit a passenger train. You might have noticed that such incidents are increasing with time.

Olivia Barac Hit By Train

Somewhere or other, people are being careless and not paying attention to why they go out. Although she was a young girl, she should have had someone with herself so that the elder one could take care of her. This incident was not described properly, there is very little information related to the incidence. As we mentioned earlier that she was rushed to the hospital, for more updates we are waiting too, her condition is under review as of now.

As far as we know, the train service will be terminated very soon after this incident Broadmeadows and it will no longer run to Albury, between Broadmeadows and Melbourne passengers can take replacement road coaches. People are praying for the girl, we are hoping for the best, her family members and relatives are experiencing a rough time, people are supporting. Her current state is not known, if you want to know then stay in touch we will update you with the latest information read to the case. For more latest news keep visiting these sites, we will let you know more interesting and viral news across the world.


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