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Norwegian Aluminium producer Hydro shuts some plants after a cyber attack

norsk hydro

Date: 20th March 2019

The attack began on the evening of Monday and escalated through the night. It has reportedly affected the company’s IT systems severely which has impeded many activities.

Being one of the world’s largest producers of aluminum, this event has caused great distress for Norsk Hydro and the aluminum market. It has been battling with the cyber-attack since Tuesday which has pulled down its share prices and skyrocketed aluminum prices.

Following the event, Norsk Hydro’s main website was not available on Tuesday. Alternatively, the company continued to give updates on its Facebook page.

It has made some progress in recovering from the ransom cyber attack but has not yet completely normal, the company said on Wednesday. The company claims that it is too early to figure the exact operational and financial impacts of the incident.

On behalf of its Extruded Solutions unit, Hydro said, “Progress has been made, with the expectation to restart certain systems during Wednesday, which would allow for continued deliveries to customers.”

The Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM) that the virus used in the attack was LockerGoga. This virus, as claimed by NSM, encrypts computer files and demands payment to unlock them.

Hydro does not plan to pay the hackers in order to restore their files and would rather use its backup servers for the restoration of operations, the company said on Tuesday.

Governments and companies are now becoming increasingly concerned about the damage caused by hackers to industrial systems and critical national infrastructure considering the recent rise in high-profile cyber attacks.