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Facebook messenger get a new update with new features


Facebook rolls out a new feature for its messenger app today-quoted replies. This feature arrives as the app’s existing reaction emoji.

This feature allows you to reply to a specific message in the conversation. It is particularly useful when users are engaged in a wide range of topics with frequent texts. The users can access the feature by holding down on an individual message and tapping on the ‘Reply’ button.

The feature, however, isn’t new in messaging apps. Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp has already had this feature for a while, so it made sense to bring it into Messenger too.

The Facebook Messenger has seen a string of updates recently with the ‘unsend’ feature and a new ‘dark mode’ brought into the app in the last few months.

The company’s overarching ambition is to create a cross-platform system that would integrate Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram messaging. This move seems to be a step towards it and to achieving comparable features across all three platforms which would gradually make merging simpler when it does come around.

According to reports, Facebook aims to unite WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram by 2020.

Facebook hopes that integrating the three platforms would provide a more unified infrastructure for its social and messaging platforms which would keep users’ data secure. This came after the controversies over user data Facebook has faced in recent years.