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Razer and Tencent tie up for the future mobile gaming

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Razer and Tencent have joined hands in order to mutually benefit each other’s product development. This venture is seen as spearheading future innovation in the mobile gaming world.

Razer announced its alliance with Tencent today and said it is working on a raft of initiatives on smartphone-based games. The collaboration would include services, hardware and software.

One of the objectives is to optimize Tencent games for Razer’s smartphones, mobile controllers and its Cortex Android launcher app. This includes the blockbuster PUBG and Fortnite. The duo said that they may look for additional monetizing opportunities in mobile gaming.

The partnership is likely to immensely benefit Razer, which has been struggling to convince its investors. While it was one of the most championed tech companies to go public in Hong Kong, its share price hasn’t been impressively growing. It has rather fell deep from HK$3.88 list price to the current trading price of HK$1.44.

Razer CEO Min Liang Tan claimed the lack of “tech savviness” in the Hong Kong public markets the reason for the fall.

Besides gaming, Razer is also making a push into payments with its service that is currently operating in Southeast Asia. After the acquisition of MOL a year ago, Razer has seen growth in the market with a launch of an e-wallet in Malaysia and Singapore.

Today’s announcements do not provide much information to go on further. Nonetheless, the partnership between Razer and Tencent is likely to improve their products and better serve the 2.4 billion mobile gamers of the world.