Disney+ Announces New Series ‘Muppets Now’, To Be Released in July 2020

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Disney+ announced a brand new series ‘Muppets Now’ in honor of National #StreamingDay. Disney+ is a new streaming service and is a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. The announcement of this series took place way back in August 2019.

This series features some of the most famous characters in the Muppets world like Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo, and many more! Keeping in mind that children would be the worst affected by the lockdown. And Disney thought of introducing this series in order to offer the perfect kind of entertainment for them.

Kermit the Frog made the official announcement with a funny yet sweet note to his fans across the world wherein some of the words were blacked out. It was done to keep the suspense under wraps.

Who Will Star On The Show?

The series will star the entire Muppets gang who have been entertaining audiences of all ages for decades now. We can also expect to see some celebrity guest appearances on the show. With ‘Muppets Now’, the famous group of puppets is making a comeback on television.

They had their own short-lived mockumentary (mock documentary) called ‘The Muppets’ way back in 2015. It followed the personal lives of all the Muppets as they try to navigate their way in the real world.

What to Expect From the Series?

This series will be a short-form unscripted series which means that it will have a short format series filled with improvisations and on-the-spot comedy, which the series is known for.

The series will feature just six episodes that will explore the lives of the Muppets as they go through different hilarious situations in their lives individually, and as a group.

The group will dive into silliness and hilarity in various situations, and hence, you can expect to have a lot of laughs for yourself!

The Cast of ‘Muppets Now’:

Let us take a look at the cast that will feature on ‘Muppets Now’:

Kermit the Frog – Jim Henson

Miss Piggy – Eric Jacobson

Fozzie Bear – Eric Jacobson

Gonzo – Dave Goelz

Rowlf the Dog – Jim Henson

Scooter – David Rudman

Rizzo the Rat – Steve Whitmire

Walter – Peter Linz

Muppets Now Release Date:

The hugely popular puppet group will come to entertain you on Disney+ on July 31, 2020.

Now, go get Disney+ right away and enjoy this family-friendly program with your loved ones!


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