Netflix Announces ‘The Order’ Season 2; Expected to Release by June 2020

Netflix announced a brand new season of ‘The Order,’ an American horror-drama web series created by Dennis Heaton. Its first episode aired on Netflix on March 7, 2019. The audiences were quite impressed with the storyline.

Encouraged by favorable reviews, Netflix is coming back with a Season 2 of ‘The Order.’ But first, let us get a heads up on the plotline of the first season.

‘The Order’ Plotline:

The story sees a college-going student Jack Morton, who joins an illuminate-inspired secret society. It is called the ‘Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose.’ It specializes in teaching and practicing dark magic.

Jack slowly starts uncovering dark secrets about his family. Consequently, he finds himself in the middle of a secret battle between werewolves and Witches. Alyssa, a fellow member of ‘The Order’, supports Jack on his journey to avenge the death of his mother.

What to Expect in Season 2:

The first season ended with Alyssa wiping out Jack’s memory completely. So the fans shall be expecting answers to know the reason behind Alyssa’s actions.

Also, whether Jack has a permanent memory loss or will he regain his memory, remains to be seen in the upcoming season.

Moreover, what the future holds for Jack and Alyssa and will Jack be able to avenge the death of his mother successfully, remains to be seen in Season 2 of the series.

The Cast of ‘The Order’ Season 2:

Jack Manley – Jack Morton.

Sarah Grey – Alyssa Drake.

Max Martini – Edward Coventry.

Sam Trammell – Eric Clarke.

Katherine Isabelle – Vera Store.

Adam Di Marco – Randall Carpio.

Thomas Elms – Hamish Duke.

Matt Visser – Weston.

Season 2 Trailer:

We can expect the trailer to come out before June 2020.

Release Date:

Netflix has finalized June 18, 2020, as the official release date of the season.

Here’s hoping the second season will be as intriguing as the first one was!


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