iPhone 12 Launch Date of with Price and features All Latest Update Here..

iPhone lovers must be waiting for the release date of the iPhone 12, we know the launch is still months away, and there are rumors regarding what it will look like and its features?   As the trends go on, they will have iPhone 12, Pro, and ProMax like iPhone 11, Pro, and ProMax. This will come with preloaded iOS14.

iPhone 12: Features-

The early rumors indicate that it will be a slab-signed design as iPhone 4, but it will be the first phone to feature 5G connectivity. We expect it will attract too many consumers to purchase the iPhone 12 in 2020. These models might support both sub-6GHz bands and mmWave.  We are expecting an LCP antenna design that hasn’t fully rolled out in every iPhone model except iPhone X in 2017. LCP is a material that performs consistently in all temperatures and has a slight loss, which will be an added benefit in 5G technology.

Also, there are rumors that the iPhone 12 will have a custom A14 chip from Apple.

Now, we are going to talk about the camera quality of the next iPhone, and there is a leak that reveals that the camera setup of this series will have the lineup along with a new wide-angle lens.

It seems Apple is trying to tab everyone with this launch as the phone model will come with the display in the range from 5.4 inches up to 6.7 inches. Also, there will be a surprise in the camera of the iPhone 12, sources say.

iPhone 12: Pricing

We should expect the price to start from $649 to $1,099 along with an OLED screen for all models.  As you can see, the pricing is somewhere similar to iPhone 11, Pro, and ProMax. Hence considering all the features, this will be a great deal in the year 2020.

But there are rumors that Apple may not include EarPods in the package with iPhone 12 as they may want to increase the sale of Airpods.

iPhone 12: Launch

Usually, Apple always launches their new models in September as they did last year. Sept 10 was the day they launched iPhone 11, and we should expect the launch will be in Sept 2020.

But The Wall Street Journal report says that mass production is being pushed back for almost a month. Hence, the phone might hit the stores in Oct 2020.

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