Netflix series ‘Elite’ announces Season 4, Know the Release Date and More

Netflix announced a new season of ‘Elite’ just two months after Season 3 was launched. And the leads of the series, Miguel Bernardeau, and Claudia Salas announced a video in their homes in quarantine.

‘Elite’ is the second original series from Netflix which is set at Las Encinas in Spain. Many students rather dream of being a part of this school than any other as it is the school of the wealthy and rich. Three students from the working class get scholarships to study here.

So what is ‘Elite’ all about? Let’s find out!

‘Elite’ Plot:

Las Encinas is the most wealthy and affluent school in Spain and the premise of the series lies here. Children belonging to the filthy-rich people and members of Spain’s high society come here to study. Three new admissions in the school are students belonging to the middle class or the working class society.

But, their cultural differences and different statuses in society lead to tensions between both the affluent and the working-class students. However, this innocent clash turns bloody when a student at school is found murdered.

And watching the first 3 seasons, fans appreciated the plot for being mature and progressive by focusing on issues like mental health and sexual orientations.

‘Elite’ Cast:

The cast to join the latest season and present since Season 1 is:

Ester Exposito – Carla Roson Caleruega

Danna Paola – Lucrecia Montesinos Hendrich

Aron Piper – Ander Munoz

Maria Pedraza – Marina Nunier Osuna

Omar Ayuso – Omar


Netflix will come up with the trailer as soon as the series has completed filming.

Release Date:

Netflix has not announced the release date as well as the Coronavirus pandemic has put the production of the show on hold. Netflix is yet to announce the release date.

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