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3 Dead Bodies Found In House of Balboa Island In Newport Beach


Viral news of these days, where three people have been found dead inside the home on Balboa Island in Newport Beach. After hearing this news plenty of people have gone through the internet to get more info such as who were those 3 people and who they died? If you want to know all this, then do come along with us, we will let you know more info related to the matter. As per the report, this incident took place in the 100 block of Diamond Avenue before 8:30 am.

As per the statement of police officers, when they entered the building, they found two women and a man dead inside the home. And one more man was found injured who called for medical help, at the moment he was rushed to the hospital quickly. Now there is less information related to the case, plenty of people are seeking more details such as the death cause of three people. We want to inform you that investigation is going on, their death cause is still a mystery. Neither the injured person’s details are here, his condition is not known yet.

According to the investigators, it seems that illegal drug activity was part of this. In the course of time slowly more information is coming out. Some of the detectives are assuming that some group and gang were there within 24 hours. All the investigators are trying their best and going for the extra mile. People are showing a good amount of interest in the case, as it is being mystery day by day. For more information keep reading the post we will help you to explore the latest updates on the same site.

Victims’ identities have remained unknown, there is no detail about them. Still being a human we express our deep condolence to their family and loved once, as it is sad news, People are mourning, we also express our deep condolence, and may their soul rest in peace. Now this case has been a mystery, which needs to be solved, as we know there are lots of crimes that take place. As soon as more updates come out, they will be posted on ht same site so that you can find out easily, do bookmark our site News135.com, you will let you know all the trending and viral news across the world. Check back news135 for more latest news and updates all around the world.


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