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9 August World Indigenous Day | History, Who are they?

world indigenous day

Posts with #world_indigenous_day #tag are becoming very popular on social media handlings like twitter. People from various places are demanding to get 9th August as the national holiday for the welfare of indigenous people. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is being urged to declare a national holiday on World Indigenous Day.world indigenous day

Who are the Indigenous People?

Indigenous people are the first inhabitants who have been living in a place since its origin. Besides, they maintain the tradition and aspects of a particular culture affiliated to the region they have been living in, but not all First people share this ethnic tradition. In different parts of the world, they are known or addressed with numerous names such as First Nations, Autochthonous people, native peoples, Aboriginal people, scheduled tribes, or Indigenous people. An estimated population of the Indigenous people is 220 million to 350 million, who are found in various parts of the world.

world indigenous day

Indian Indigenous People

India is the seventh-largest country in the world that is known for its diversity. India comprises more than 700 ethnic groups that come under a category known as schedule tribes. Besides, several other ethnic groups have also been observed in unspecified schedule tribes.

India holds a population of 104 million indigenous people that occupy 8.6% of the national population. However, the largest population of indigenous people is observed in northeastern states and in the central tribal belt that covers the area from West Bengal to Rajasthan.

9th August: International Day of the World’s Indigenous People

World indigenous day is observed every year on 9th August to mark the contribution of indigenous people in Global climate change as well as in the environment. The day is celebrated to recognize indigenous people as a crucial part of the society, simultaneously raise awareness for the welfare and rights of these inhabitants.

History of International Day of the World’s Indigenous People

In December 1994, General assembly of the United Nation has first pronounced the term the international day of indigenous people that was proposed to be celebrated during the first international decade of the world’s indigenous people (1995-2005) that was further extended to 2015 with the theme of “A decade and action of Unity”.

The assembly later proclaimed to mark 9th August as the international day for world indigenous people in order to celebrate the day in the international decade of world indigenous people. Every year multidimensional activities including educational are organized to achieve a better understanding of indigenous people and raising awareness associated with their rights.

What Threat to Indigenous People’s life?

Indigenous people have to face several problems in their day to day life, which become a mere threat to their identity. A survey in September 2009 has recorded various issues that indigenous people have to go through, like forced immigration due to development programs.

A very few indigenous people are familiar with their rights marked by the UN assembly, whereas, millions of people are still living in the dark about their rights that insert land right, poverty, ownership of their lands, environmental changes on their lives, exploitation of natural resources etc.

However, they are given particular recognition in-laws; they are treated as an alien element for the growth of the nation. For an instant, they have instantly swept away from their lands for the sake of development programs.

Why a National Holiday is demanded on the World Indigenous Day in India?

Female group of indigenous people are broadly exploited, moreover, reports are barely registered. Around 974 tribal women were raped during 2016 in India, stated NCRB. Though there is a provision of resistance on selling and buying tribal land to non-Indians, people do not follow it as it is not as effective as it sounds. There are several other problems that they have a face but never have been registered as a serious issue.

world indigenous day

In India, people are demanding to mark this day as the national holiday for giving time to Indigenous people that will add more feathers in their welfare. Since decade people are demanding to celebrate this day as the national holiday for the benefits of the community. This year this demand has come up with a strong determination. Though the prime minister has not stated anything over the issue, people keep posting along with mentioning him in their posts.