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“All-Virtual” WWDC will go live in a day, what can the users expect? Possible releases and updates

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Just like every other major event that was going to happen but didn’t, WWDC 2020 has been hampered too. However, the event has decided to go purely online instead of simply being written off from the lot. The event will be hosted on a grand scale, albeit online, and invite a plethora of developers from across the globe. There are a host of hardware introductions also available for their vocal announcement this time around in the event. 

The major releases in the last calendar year saw Apple Inc. coming out with the iPhone SE. In addition to this, the firm has also released Macbook pro latest version and also the pro version of the latest iPhone. This means the company has a lot riding at stake for major releases in terms of operating software and also the supporting features. Moreover, a couple of new big drops are expected in the hardware section for the tech giant too. 

What’s coming?

The latest version for the OS of the devices is long pending. iOS 14 per se, is one of the casualties that has suffered a delay in development due to coronavirus pandemic. But with the introduction of WWDC 2020, the OS looks all but set for a major reveal to the whole world. In the second array of strings, the company has been looking to give a release to the iPad OS 14 which will be available for the overhaul and upload in a significant amount of time. 

Moreover, the release of Mac OS 10.16 is another major giant waiting in line for seeing the light of the day. Not as significant, but the watch OS 7 is also due for a release in the upcoming juggernaut. 

Free of COST!

The biggest element of surprise awaiting the fans and the developers is the fact that the participation is free. The usual attempt of Apple Inc. is to keep its events exclusive hence a charge of around $1500 for its previous events of WWDC was common. However, this time around the giant has kept the first string of the entry completely free for all the online participants to come and observe. However, the second string away from the keynote is said to be chargeable.