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Another new feature of WhatsApp Web arrived


WhatsApp continues to have a better messaging experience on its platform. While we have seen that the company offers new features on Android and iOS apps, but it has not forgotten about web applications. According to a new report, WhatsApp Web is set to get two interesting new features.

Whatsapp web new features

According to WAbetaInfo, the web application is set to receive two new features called albums and grouped stickers. Both seem quite self explanatory, but here’s a look at what they would do. The album feature will essentially group multiple photos and videos into a single bubble. This is similar to what we see on mobile apps. Grouped stickers also operate on the same principle. This feature also clubs several stickers shared on chat. This will group two stickers in a row, which makes it aesthetically pleasing.

Both of these features are not yet out, and it is said to be in testing with a group of users. This is essentially how companies check for new features and bugs before a wide release. However, the report does not say that WhatsApp is planning to extend these facilities to the masses.

New features of whatsapp

Just yesterday, we told about a new feature that WhatsApp is working. It introduced the fingerprint lock feature for Android beta users. This feature was initially known as authentication and was later renamed Screen Lock. Users can also reply to notification messages or receive calls even after lock. This is because the feature only works to lock the main app.

It comes with three options to lock the app automatically. The first is “immediately”, the second is “after 1 minute”, and the third is “after 30 minutes”. This feature allows users to enable or disable message context preview in “new message” notifications. The WhatsApp widget also hides its contents when users enable this feature.