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Apple Launches iOS 14; Reimagines iPhone Experience for Users

Apple iOS 14. Image Source: MacRumors

Apple has launched iOS 14 which will introduce users to an all-new iPhone experience! The new iOS will introduce new ways of customization and will provide user-friendly features, too!

The new version of iOS will help users customize their Home Screens and will have features like the ‘App Library’ and ‘App Clips’! This will further enrich their iPhone experience!

‘App Library’ to Help Organise Your Apps!

The new iOS will have an App Library which will sort different apps on your phone for you. This way, you will have easier access to your apps as well as have a cleaner and more organized view of the Home Screen! Isn’t that great?

For this purpose, it uses a special on-device intelligence that lets the user get the right widget based on the user’s location, time, and type of activity! Talk about Artificial Intelligence!

Better and More Efficient Audio-Video Interactions:

The users’ FaceTime interactions, phone calls as well as Siri requests will undergo a whole new makeover, too. This makeover will make it easier for users to attend calls while operating on other apps, simultaneously. A Picture-in-Picture support system will make this possible.

This support will help users operate their apps more efficiently by helping them complete other important tasks as well!

Apple iOS 14
Apple iOS 14. Image Source: Tom’s Guide

‘App-Clip’ Feature:

Another amazing feature added in this iOS is ‘App-Clips’. An App-Clip is a feature that creates a small snip of the app you want to discover at that moment.

For example, if the user wants to purchase a cuppa coffee or rent a cab, then the App-Clip will display the relevant app on their phones to complete their task much faster!

They can access this feature by simply scanning a newly designed Apple App-Clip code or other QR Codes and NFC tags. You don’t have to worry about the security issues as these apps are completely secured.

Apple’s ‘Messages’ Gets a Powerful Update:

Messages are an important way to stay connected with your loved ones. And now, iOS 14 has given Apple’s ‘Messages’ a powerful update by helping stay connected with loved ones, while also getting important messages efficiently.

Users can now pin their conversations with family and friends, get live important messages, and also reply to those messages instantly!

Apple Maps Go Greener!

While Maps have made our lives easier by helping us find the best travel routes, this iOS will take Maps to a whole new level!

Users will now get the best cycling routes and directions; they will know which street is busy and its elevation, too!

Also, the new Maps will feature travel routes for electric vehicles and will also show up charging stops on the route taken! Maps will truly become more customized!

Guides on Maps Just Got Cooler!

Guides on Maps will help users find the most interesting places to visit if someone is visiting a new city. They will also recommend new restaurants to try out with the help of trusted sources that give this information.

Moreover, the users will get daily recommendations from some of the most prestigious brands like AllTrails, Complex, The Infatuation, and Washington Post among many others!

Privacy and Transparency Given Paramount Importance:

Apple has, for some time, struggled with users reporting hacking complaints, thus raising questions on its privacy and the apps’ security. Keeping this in mind, iPhone apps will now take permission from users before tracking.

Also, there will be more privacy given when a user agrees to share their microphone and camera features. Regarding location access, users are now free to give just the approximate location instead of giving an exact one.

This will ensure that a user’s privacy is maintained when they give location access to an app.

While iOS 14 has introduced other updates as well, these are the major ones that will excite Apple’s fans the most. This is because these areas have been of major concern for the users for years now.

We congratulate Apple on the successful launch of its latest iOS, iOS 14!

So, what do you guys think about the latest iOS version? Let us know in the comments below!