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Asia’s First Woman Truck Driver Parvati Arya Passed Away At 75, Death Cause

Asia's First Woman Truck Driver Parvati Arya Passed

Sad news takes been relesed, that Asia’s first woman, whose name is Parvati Arya, has passed away recently. She is the first truck driver, who has been in the Guinness Book of world records. As far as we got to know that Parvati Arya has died on Wednesday, at the time of her death she was 75 years old. Tons of people are searching for who was Parvati Arya? and her death cause, so let’s move forward to explore more details.

Asia's First Woman Truck Driver Parvati Arya Passed

Asia’s First Woman Truck Driver Passes Away

Parvati Arya From Mandsaur in Madhya Pradesh it is a big achievement of her that she has been the first Asia woman to be the truck driver. For that, she received lots of appreciation and earned a huge name and fame in her career. She had a good fan following over the social media sites, after Parvati Arya’s passing away, people are shocked.

All the netizens became active on the social media suit and started to pay her condolence. Many people are expressing their feeling on the Intenet with the emotional caption, we also express our deep condolence to her family and love once, as we know she was one of the most beloved personalities in her family. It is the biggest loss to Parvati Arya’s family, which can not be removed.

Parvati Arya was a qualified driver, who had a secure license and became the first truck driver in Asia in the year 1978. Her popularity rose when she became the part of political party congress and she also won the Zila Panchyat election 2 times. She was one of the successful women, in our society we need such women.

Parvati Arya Death Cause

As far as her personal life is concerned, Parvati Arya was the eldest among her 11 siblings, she had 11 siblings including seven sisters and four brothers. She belonged to a middle-class family, she had not studied much in her life, as she used to follow tradition. She was also a member of the Raigar (SC) community.

Parvati Arya’s father is a businessman, who is sourcing and selling firewood in Mandsaur. Unfortunately, her father has passed away when she was young, since the time she has been taking care of her siblings.

She has motivated many women to work hard and move ahead in their lives. Parvati Arya’s death cause is not known yet, we are trying to find out more details, we will let you know further updates on the same site.


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