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Asus ROG Phone 3 : The ultimate choice for gamers

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Today’s youth is indulging in gaming majorly. In such peak time, it is quite common to expect a solo war between the Mobile manufacturing companies to come up with their best product in the market. Asus seem to hit a jackpot this time with its an upcoming model “Asus ROG Phone III”. The model is supposed to have the fastest and reliable microprocessor to support a smooth gaming experience. Snapdragon has been always preferred over MediaTek Helio for fast and efficient performance. The company is rumored to collaborate with the gaming giant Tangent which can be partially supported by the change in logo. Recently Tencent had surpassed Alibaba baba to rise as Asia’s most valuable company.


 Asus teasers of the first look Alf model and leaked through the trustworthy sources too. The model is supposed to have fast charging facilities with 8 GB of RAM in one version and 12 GB of RAM in another. The Asus ROG Phone III model can have yet not confirmed via authority, Snapdragon 865+ microprocessor. This has recently got Bluetooth certified and will have 5.1 onboard in the latest version. You can rely on such a model confidently for gaming purposes whereas we believe that all other key specifications will also be worth the purchase. The model will have confirmed a strong WiFi connection. The Asus never fails at Camera quality and good products.

Release Date

Dates may be announced soon about the sale of this amazing product. It is expected to release next month in the market. The company is expecting a huge gain from India after Redmi sales go smoothly. The boycott movement in India for Chinese good was still a question back but Asus ROG Phone III is all set to surpass the other giants in the field next month. It has speedily passed all required certifications.