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Babil Khan Shared The Pictures Of Grave And Says ‘Baba liked it wild’

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One of the most viewed news is here, for what you are waiting for, here we will talk about one of the recent news which is related to one of the talented actor of Bollywood late Irfan khan, and his son here we will let you know the complete matter through this article, what exactly is going on, some of the late Irfan khan’s fans are worried about the wilderness, but his son, whose name is Babil Khan who took some time to social media and shared a picture of him watering grave.

bibble khan

Now we will see what kind of pictures the actor’s son has shared, in the first picture we see that the actor’s son is seen filling the water on the tomb, and in the second picture the picture of the flowers placed on that tomb, Have shared.

Sharing the picture, Irfan’s son said that his father loved it all, this was confirmed by the caption of the post in which he wrote that “Baba likes it, Junglee, Ayan is staying strong: Mama recently I wrote about the surroundings of the forest when some of his fans were worried that it seemed strange, I need you to understand, he always wanted to be surrounded by grass and plants and trees. Waste and plastic are always removed from that forest. ”

Further, he said that “Here my beautiful mother wrote:” Women are not allowed in Muslim cemeteries. Therefore, I have planted the queen of Rawat in Igatpuri where I have a memory stone of her… where I have buried her fav things. I have a place where I can sit for hours without telling anyone, I cannot sit next to it. He is in her soul. But this does not mean that the cemetery should not be tended .. but as far as a very suspicious thing … the grass of the wild plant grew in the rain. This is the wild and beautiful I saw in the photo you mentioned. The rain and the plants come and they dry up in the next season..and then someone can clean it up. Why should everything be by definition? And plants may have a closer look for a purpose. ”

During this post, a fan expressed concern over the location of the actor’s grave, to which Irfan’s wife told him that he was not allowed to go to the grave. So all the fans of Irrfan Khan had misunderstandings, I hope that now they must have gone away seeing these pictures. And with this, Irrfan Khan will always remain a beautiful memory in our hearts.