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Barrister Babu Today’s Written Episode 29-May-2021: Shocking News for Anirudh

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In today’s episode of Barrister Babu, you’ll see Anirudh and Bondita, both have been locked by their Kaka and Thakuma respectively at their places. Trilochan Kaka doesn’t want Anirudh to go there as he knows how rude and ruthless Thakumaa is. Once she will be figuring out that Rupa is none other than his grandson in law Anirudh only, she will surely cut his hands.

But when Trilochan Kaka sees his son crying therein he couldn’t control himself. He just opens up the door and tells him he is so worried about him and he cannot see his son in any kind of trouble. Anirudh says Bondita really needs her and once he will be able to help her and take her out to London. Afterwards, he is not gonna trouble anymore to his Kaka.

Barrister Babu Today's Written Episode 29-May-2021: Shocking News for Anirudh

Trilochan Kaka asks for a promise to Anirudh that if somehow Thakumaa gets to know about his identity, rather than his hands, it will be his Kaka’s hands to get cut. Anirudh consoles his Kaka worries and tells him that he won’t let anything happen like that. Nothing wrong will happen.

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Finally, Rupa arrives at Thakumaa’s place and seeing her, she is shocked. Thakumaa tells Rupa that you must be thinking about how I came back so early from Kolkata. She further tells her the reason that a black cat passed her way and she gets an intuition if something is not right there. So she came back.

Further, she tells Rupa that she has locked Bondita in the darkroom as she is on her periods. Anirudh hearing this shit goes worried about her when Bondita should be taken care at this time she is in the darkroom. When the baby girl is already in pain, Thakumaa is giving her more pain.

Bondita is crying and yelling in pain. She tells Thakumaa that she is not able to bear this pain. Thakumaa explains to her that pain is like jewellery to a lady’s body. So, she needs to bear this pain without crying and any kind of drama at all.

In the next screen of Barrister Babu, Thakumaa is angry with Rupa as she thinks that Rupa was a bad choice for all the responsibility. She tells Rupa to leave and never come back to their place again. Anirudh aka Rupa is trying to convince Thakumaa to take her back to the work but let’s see will he be able to do it!!

No matter what, Rupa has to enter the house again and help Bondita. Last but not least, Bondita starts with yoga to get rid of her periods’ pain but Thakumaa has problem with that too. She comes to the darkroom and asks her, now what’s this happening when she was asked to sit still. The episode ends here. Stay tuned with us to know more updates of Barrister Babu.