Home Entertainment Bing Chilling Meme Meaning, WWE Wrestler John Cena Translation

Bing Chilling Meme Meaning, WWE Wrestler John Cena Translation

Bing Chilling Meme Meaning, WWE Wrestler John Cena Translation

Do you know what is Bing Chilling Meme On the internet? If you do not know then it is the right post for all of you. Nowadays ing Chilling Meme is getting viral on the internet. But a lot of people are in the fog about this that what does this meme mean. Mainly WWE one of the most popular and liked wrestlers is also involved in this. We would like to inform you that, it is the later memes to go viral on the social media sites just because of John Cena. Let’s find out more interesting facts about him.

Bing Chilling Meme Meaning, WWE Wrestler John Cena Translation

Bing Chilling Meme Meaning

The wrestler has made a video, in which he is holding an ice cream, and speaking Mandarin while he was sitting in his car. Through the video, he was promoting one of the latest movies, named FF9 (Fast Furious 9). As of now, this video is getting viral and getting more names and fame, so far the video has been liked by millions of netizens.

Many netizens and YouTubers are showing the video with English subtitles, so that rest of the people can understand what John is saying exactly. The main center of attraction is Bing Chilling meme, it is not so critical thing just a part of promoting his latest video. It is an advertisement campaign, as per the details on the May 10, in 2021 John has made a video to promote for his upcoming movie, in the viral video the star is speaking Mandarin, while he is using ice cream as a mic and singing.

Wrestler John Cena Translation

On the 2nd of June 2021, a user named ProxmateSineYT has reposted the video on Youtube, and another Youtuber named Adrian on the 6 June in 2021 with the translation. He has some difficulties, after that many youtube tried this.

Later tons of people have shown their interest in that and they are looking for the translation in the English language. Here we have brought the translation in English, in the viral video, he is saying “Good morning, China. Now I have ice cream. I like ice cream very much. But “Fast and Furious 9″ is better than ice cream.”

The video has gone viral and is being liked by tons of people, many people have reshared the post on social media sites. His movie Fast & Furious 9 has been one of the hit movies and previous parts of the movie were also hit. Along with John Cena, there are more popular stars from Hollywood such as Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, and more.


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