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Blackpink New Album K Pop Group Debut With Selena Gomez Release Date Tracklist

The album

Today we are going to talk about Blackpink who has recently released his new album which has been released and will also look at some special issues related to black pink. As stated, Blackpink is a girls’ pop group that made its name known 4 years ago. So as we were telling you that Blackpink has released its debut album which is a studio album. The album features Cardi B, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Victoria Monte, etc. in the lead roles. Who has worked tirelessly to improve this album? The album by Blackpink is titled ‘The Album’ although prior to its release, Blackpink shared a video of Ice Cream and How You Like that.

The album

Blackpink’s Ddu-Du Ddu-Du as well as Boombayah’s hits, Blackpink went on to become a huge success following which it released its new album Kill This Love EP to maintain its success.  Also recently, its group has also included Lady Gaga on Sour Candy’s galactic song. The cover art of ‘The Album’ depicts a bright pink crown, opening the album in a unique and unique way. Let it be said that it was unveiled in July by a poster in YG Entertainment.

Apart from this, the group of Blackpink was planned to go on a world tour but the plan failed due to COVID-19. According to sources, this plan was made to give a glow to its group but it is not possible due to the corona epidemic. However, in order to retain and brighten their record, Samhu released the album. The album consists of eight songs, in addition to its earlier poetry has seen over 550 million on YouTube and also its second course was ice cream, which was liked more by the people.

It was Blackpink’s first album, which was well received by the people, but its second album, The Album, which people have given a lot of love to according to sources, including Jisoo, Lisa, Jennie, and Rose. However as we mentioned that two singles were already released and the next single was now released which is Lovestick Girls, Now we will introduce you to its album track which is shown below.

‘How You Like That’, ‘Ice Cream’, ‘Beautiful Savage’, ‘Bet You Want’ Feat Cardi B, ‘Lovestick Girls’, ‘Crazy Over You’, ‘Love To Hate Me’, ‘You Never Know’. Blackpink’s album has as much fun as it did on his debut album, as well as a lot of hope from the people, although according to sources there is nothing more spectacular than the first album but the actors have tried their best to go to YouTube. Watch this album as well.