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Brian Pillman Wrestler Girlfriend, Mournful Tweet Explained!

Brian Pillman Wrestler

Brian Pillman has made the headline after he made a mournful tweet on Twitter, in the tweet he has mentioned that he has lost his girlfriend. After hearing this news many of his fans are feeling blue. Tons of netizens are searching this ar preset who is Brian Pillman’s girlfriend. First, we want to tell to all of you that Brian Pillman is an All Elite Wrestling star, let’s explore every single fact related to him.

Brian Pillman Wrestler

Brian Pillman Wrestler Girlfriend

The well-known wrestler has posted a tweet, which belonged to his girlfriend, it was a heart-melting tweet. HE has said he has lost everything, his phone, girlfriend, and everything. Many of his fans were worried about him that what happened to him. Hence netizens took to their social media sites and started to know about this. After he made the tweet, his fans commented and asked what happened, and left a positive msg for him.

After some time the star has made another tweet, through which he was talking to his fans for their love and support towards him. On Monday Nove 15, he posted his first tweet, later he posted a second tweet in which he said that he had lost his phone, girlfriend, and almost lost his dog. His was father was also one of the well-known wrestlers, he said he would pay $2500 to anyone who can return his phone with all the data.

Mournful Tweet Explained

As per the report, we found that his phone has been stolen after that he made a post in which he said to his fans that. If anyone has any connection with criminals please inform them to give my phone back, I will give them a reward or pay them $2500 for returning the phone. Being a wrestler, he has an impressive fan following over the social media sites.

He has raised a question for his girlfriend, his fans are thinking that who is Brian Pillman’s girlfriend. Till now he has been so secretive about his personal life, hence it is a hard nut to crack whom he is dating. In the year 2019, he was dating a sports broadcaster, whose name is Sam Leterna.

They have posted several pictures together on their official Instagram account, Sam has also posted under the username @samleterna on valentine’s day. it is being believed that both of them are still dating each other and they are long-time relationship as of 2021.


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