According to the latest news, recently a video on FaceBook went viral which revealed that a boy recently committed suicide by hanging himself in Rohini Sector 11 in Delhi on Wednesday. According to sources, the full name of the boy is Aman Baisla, he was tortured by famous singers Sumit Goswami and Suman (Neha Jindal), which upset him, he decided to commit suicide and hanged on Wednesday. However, the police have started questioning the entire matter and are investigating all the issues. Read this article fully through this article, we will look at the small details of Aman Baisla’s murder.

boy soucide

Before the suicide, Aman was seen active on the social media platform and shared 6 videos on Instagram and another 34-36 minute video shared on Facebook. The video revealed how the boy has been tortured by Sumit Goswami and Neha Jindal, meanwhile, the video also revealed a person Vipin Khatri who was with the both of them in the case.

It was revealed by the video that Aman was being harassed for the last one year due to which he was very upset and he was not able to overcome this problem, due to this he gave up his life and gave himself up Decided to commit suicide by hanging. It was also revealed from the video that Neha Jindal had committed a fraud of Rs 10 lakh with Aman.

The boy has explained in detail about the reason behind the murder in the video as well as the boy also said that he had taken a loan of Rs 5 lakh from the girl’s father for the work of the hotel business and Neha Jindal was a half partner in their business. due to some reason, Neha Jindal went to famous singer Sumit Goswami and started working with his. On the other hand, the video also tells about Sumit Goswami’s friend Vipin Khatri.

Also in the last part of the video, Aman also discussed his car Verna which he had taken on loan. he also tells about your car that Neha Jindal took my car to Sumit Goswami and after that, she started blackmailing him for a car. Apart from this, voice notes and What’s app chats of the threats given by the trio were also shown. This shows that he blackmailed Aman so much that he was forced to commit suicide.