Today we will talk about the raids by the CBI. The raids will take place on the premises of Karnataka Congress chief DK Shivakumar. We will make you aware of this news very well, but for that, you will have to stay in our article until the end. So that we can be successful in spreading this latest news to you.


As we told you in the first part that the CBI is being raided against the Karnataka Congress DK, but let us tell you that this raid started this morning in Karnataka and Delhi as well as Mumbai in connection with the corruption case against Shivkumar. Apart from this, these raids are being killed in about 14 places.

The case was registered by the CBI as a case of corruption based on inputs made by the Enforcement Directorate on money laundering investigations. Apart from this, the investigating agency gave a statement regarding this case in which they said that “The case has been registered by the CBI against the Karnataka government DK Shivakumar as well as others against whom they have acquired dissatisfied property. It has been decided to conduct raids against all of them, this raid will be done in Karnataka, Delhi, and Mumbai, A total of 14 locations are being searched simultaneously during the raids, 9 in Karnataka and 4 in Delhi as well as 14 in Mumbai”.

Let us tell you that Shivkumar was also accused of corruption earlier in the 2017 arrest of September 2019, who was found to have Rs 8.6 crores of undisclosed income. Not only this, this figure was amended after which this amount increased to Rs 11 crore, due to this, in 2018, the Income Tax Department filed a case of money laundering against Shivkumar.

According to sources, this investigation was started at 6:30 am today and searches and investigations were carried out at the premises of DK Sahi Kumar as well as his partner and his family members. However, as we all know that there is going to be a by-election in Karnataka on November 3, due to which the Congress accused the BJP that there is no such thing, the CBI is used by the BJP to field its rivals to get them fired. We will keep you informed about all the issues related to this corruption, just stay with us to be aware of the news of the country and the world.