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China’s UNSC move of Kashmir has Rejected by India firmly

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India promoted china to make another attempt on Thursday UN Security Council, it strongly rejects the “Bejing” intervention in the countries. “We note that China has inaugurated a discussion in the United Nations Security Council on issues relating to the Indian Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, said in a statement by the ministry of external affairs S.Jaishankar”.

This was not the first time that china demanded to raise a subject that is entirely one of the internal affairs of India, As such foregoing time, this attempt meet up with little support from the international community.

The Minister of External Affairs called for the proper conclusion from such “Disastrous efforts”

China prompts UN Security Council to discuss Kashmir’s issue at close door meeting but India rejects “strongly” china initiative and reiterates that Kashmir was a domiciliary issue.

Apart from raising the Kashmir issue in the UNSC, china also talked about the issue through its ministry of external affairs of Bejing, where its agent described as a decision to override the “special status” of Jammu & Kashmir on the 5th august 2019 of India. (An act which is illegal)unsc council

What is the UN Security Council?

The United Nations Security Council is one of the six principal organs of the united nations charged with international security and peace, admission of new recommended to the UN members of the general assembly, and to allow any change in the UN charter. Its powers include the setting up of a peace campaign, implementing international sanctions, and authorizing military action. UNSC is the only body of the United Nations empowered to issue binding resolutions on member countries.unsc council