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Corona News Second Wave of COVID-19| Shiva Sena Blaming Centre EC

Shiv Sena Blaming EC for Second Wave of COVID-19 in India

Shiv Sena party members violently attack BJP party workers for commenting on Thackeray. On Saturday BJP worker, Shirish Katekar has made some comments about the Maharashtra Chief minister Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray during a protest that irritated the party workers of Shiv Sena. Today  Maharashtra police apprehended 20 Shiv Sena workers from Pandharpur who assaulted Shirish Katekar by throwing ink on him, forcing him to wear a saree, and put a wreath of bangles around his neck, paraded him on the streets, and badly thrashing him up.

According to police, they tried to stop the parade but they are failed in their attempt. The 20 persons were confronted by the court on Monday afternoon and were permitted bail. Sena leader from Solapur Purshootam Barde reprehends Katekar for exasperate Shiv Sainiks. According to him “It was Katekar who used objectionable words against our chief. For Sena workers, Uddhavji is a respected figure and we will not tolerate anything said against him. We take responsibility for this attack and are ready to go to jail for our action,” said Barde.

Shiv Sena Blaming Election Commission for Second Wave COVID-19 in India

Katekar mentioned in his speech that Thackeray was unqualified to rule the state. He also said that Thackeray had previously claimed that he would make an ordinary Sena worker the CM, but later decided to assume power himself. The BJP comment on the incident a definitive instance of “Jungle Raj”. “No One is safe in this Sena rule. Who so ever against them has to face the problems and violence of Shiv Sena workers even in the presence of police, the person is not safe. They know that no action is going to take against them as they are part of this jungle raj and they can do violence freely no administration will take action against them” said  BJP legislator Ram Kadam.

Shiv Sena Blaming EC for Second Wave of COVID-19 in India

Even the last year, a retired navy officer was abused and assaulted by Shiv Sainiks in Kandivali for supposedly apportion a satirical cartoon of Thackeray. A video clip of his comments went viral in social media platforms which angered the Shiv Sena party members. They went to his residence on Saturday and beaten him up there and assaulted him and endangered to kill him if in the future he made any statement against Thackerays. the video of attacks also went viral and after that, an FIR was registered against them on charges of deliberately causing hurt by using dangerous weapons, rioting, defamation, and intimidation among other sections.