Home News Crocodile Attacked & Eat 8 Yr Old Girl Bathing in River Died

Crocodile Attacked & Eat 8 Yr Old Girl Bathing in River Died

Crocodile Attacked

One of the most horrifying news of today has come out on the internet, where a big crocodile has attacked a small girl, who was just 8 years old. As per the latest reports, she was bathing in the rive along with her friends, recently on Friday, the officers have found the remaining part of her body. The girl’s name was Suci Ramadhani, who went to the river for taking bath with her friends on Wednesday. As per the statement of officers, they said, a giant or massive crocodile attacked the girl and eaten her while she was bathing in the river.

Crocodile Attacked

Crocodile Attacked & Eat 8 Yr Old Girl

This incident has taken place in Teluk Kayeli, which is a district of Buru Island, it is one of the shocking news, which is getting viral and tons of people are searching for this on the internet. You might have imagined this ever that something like this can happen, as per the further updates when the crocodile attacked a girl, her friends were present there and watching it as they were helpless.

It was such as scary moment and all the people were amazed at the moment at the time, all the scenes were so horrible. They could see the crocodile attacking a girl, and there was blood and blood all over the river. Her family is mourning at the moment, as it was one of the most horrible things in their lives, people are coming forward to pay her tribute and they are supporting her family. Her family member is broken-hearted as they lost the innocent soul from the family.

 8 Yr Old Girl Bathing in River Died

We also express our deep condolence to her family and loves ones. As per the river was considered to be infested with saltwater crocodiles, as per the previous records, two times this incidence has taken place in last 10 years, such crocodiles attacks are common there, as there is a huge population of crocodiles.

As we know, it is one of the most dangerous predators on the earth. We should always maintain a gap between these creatures in the whole world. There is a number of cases around the world related to crocodiles as you must have heard through the news on the internet. For more latest and viral news keep reading posts on this site we bring trending news for all of you so that you can stay up to date.


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