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DC Comics Spotify Podcast Narrative List going ahead: Which characters and stories can feature?


DC comics is always known for its breath of fresh air in the relatively stable and unexplored comic legacies. Keeping up with the image, DC has now decided to head towards the direction of Spotify for creating a new product to reach its fans globally. The DC Spotify amalgamation is going to bring a series of narratives from the comic universe of the Dc to life and broadcast them. The podcast hosted for the specific purpose of the highlight and depiction of the comic series of the existing characters is expected to create a ripple. 

The venture, the only one of its kind, has been never tried or even given a test-run in the market before. However, that does not deter the giants from giving it a try for the first time around. DC knows its way around the circuit and whenever a door closes for them, other few open as well. For example, when DC wasn’t able to shake Marvel’s supremacy in the movie market, they took on them in the television sector and emerged triumphant by a big chunk of share. 

What to expect?

Because the move is a completely new one in the modern system of broadcast, it is highly intriguing too. Moreover, even the fans do not know what exactly to expect this one. Usually, the depiction of the superhero characters is one that fans like to connect on a visual basis. The emphatic display of might for a character so strong and furious is always easily interpreted visually. However, with the DC Spotify podcast, the whole game is about to change on its head in a big way. It has not yet been evident about the specified duration of the podcast itself.

Characters List

It has been cleared by DC on a unanimous note that all the existing characters from their universe have a chance. With the house of the mighty gods under the radar, every character is included. The likes of heroes like Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Shazam, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Hawk Girl, etc. are all about to be there on the podcast. In addition to this, the Spotify side of the hold has also made it clear that the studio podcast will also add new and original narratives with new characters to the quest.