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Digital Edition of PS5 Console On its Way: Design Looks like this

image source = cnet

PS5 console with the digital version is here to woo all the game lovers. Sony had already given you an idea about how PS5 looks. But, now the good news is, you will be able to see live, this disc-less version of this one.

The digital edition is predicted to come during the Holidays of 2020. However, nowhere there is mention of the dates or prices anywhere. So, one has to still wait for these details. It is expected that both, the digital version and normal version of the PS5 console should be floated in the market by December 2020. But, confirmation from Sony is yet to come over this.

So, when you would want a PS5 console, you will be able to get two versions. One is the normal one and the other is a digital one. It is expected that this PS5 console design would be bold and awesome! It would have a slight difference from the previous generations’ design. But, the overall gameplay experience and working of the console would be similar. 

There’s more good news for PS5 lovers and that is, Sony has also announced some hardware accessories for this new console. These accessories will include:

  • Pulse 3D wireless headset
  • HD camera
  • Media remote
  • HD camera
  • Dualsense charging station

The curved design of the PS5 console can be kept horizontally. This really looks sleek and it is safe too. So, ardent gamers, those who really want to get juice from these interactive gaming items, would get the best options out of these. So, get ready to enjoy these two consoles which are on their way. Of course, those who are curious to know about the digital console would love to know how this works!