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Diving Coach Cliff Devries accident or paralyzed: What happened?

Cliff Devries

Cliff Devries, a diving coach at RIT for 15 years has trained eight All-Americans and many talented divers. We are getting some latest news that coach met with an accident and got paralyzed. Here we covered the detailed story of his life that what happened to him? Cliff Devries is a popular diving coach of United States. He is known for training the top guys in the sports competitive world. The fans are shocked after hearing bad news about coach. According to reports, he got paralyzed in an accident because of the brain injuries.

Who is Cliff Devries?

Cliff Devries is the popular diving coach and sports man in USA sports community.

Devries has been awarded with Richard E which is a top level title and award. It is an honor given only to those who have had deep impact on their field. But after going through tragic events that left him disabled and unable to perform at full capacity; he is now making sure others can share these experiences too by creating short documentaries about people like himself. He made big contribution to the USA sports and diving field. Now, everyone is praying for him for his health and recovery.

What happened to Cliff Devries?

Diving coach Cliff Devries is paralyzed on his right side. But we have an inspiring story from his life.

Pushing himself out of bed in order make it down the stairs and into a pool where everyone can see him swim was challenging enough without having any control over movement or muscle strength whatsoever; not only does this require pure determination but also incredible willpower! With no hinting from others around you during these moments because there are no other options available at that point just push forward one step after another until help arrives.

He is a strong man and set an inpiration for others.

How he got paralyzed?

When the doctor told him about spotting a big tumor which was growing just below his brain stem around the spine, he got paralyzed as it would be impossible for any surgery to take place.

He suffered from paralysis on the right side of his body.

He used coaching skills to contribute in all parts and aspects of this sport he loved so much.

The coach is having big fans support and respect in the sports community. He won the hearts of fans because of his will power and contribution.


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