Home News Dr. Betts Shot His Wife, Is It True? Murder Accused Find More!

Dr. Betts Shot His Wife, Is It True? Murder Accused Find More!

Dr. Betts Shot His Wife

Dr. Betts was the center of attraction after he was accused that he killed his wife, many people are confused about this and they want to know that who is behind Dr. Betts’s wife’s murder. She has been shot, and this news went viral on the internet, we would like to tell you Dr. Betts is professionally a doctor and pediatrician, he was skilled in his field, he was away from social media, let’s find out more about him.

Dr. Betts Shot His Wife

Dr. Betts Shot His Wife, Is It True?

Dr. Betts had been working as a doctor and pediatrician for more than 50 years, he was born in the year 1945, he was 76 years old at the time of his death in the year 2019. He has got retirement after the 14 years of his job before his death. His death cause was his health issue or you can say some age issue because he was older.

Now he has made the headline after the news came out that he has been accused of killing his wife, but so far there is no confirmed information. Some are saying that he might have killed his wife after the investigation it was stated by Dr. Betts, that he was facing some mental issues and he was not well in a hard time, he faced lots of issues, but during the time his wife was with him.

In his early days, he was facing mental issues that are why he left his job as a doctor in his early days of retirement. At the end of the day it was found by the detective that these allegations are not true, he has not killed his wife, he used to love his wife, she was pretty supportive to her. The couple was also blessed with three children, their names are Tim, Anna, and Sarah.

Who Was Dr. Betts?

Dr. Betts was one of the successful doctors, who has come in the headline after being accused to kill his wife. When police have started investigating that case, there was no connection between Dr. Betts with his wife’s death.

Dr. Betts was reported missing on the 14th of October in the year 2019 later he was found dead in his backyard. Some wounds were found on his chest and heart, some are claiming that he was attacked and some are saying it is a suicide, we will let you know soon with the true facts.


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