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Dragon Ball’s Frieza Christopher Ayres Death, Girlfriend, Biography

ragon Ball's Frieza Christopher Ayres

Here we have come back with one of the heartbreaking news with all of you. You will be sulk to know that Christopher Ayres has passed away recently. He made our childhood, do you know him? Still, if you did not recognize him, then we will let you know that he was one of the most popular voice actors. He used to know Frieza’s voice, which is a character in Dragon Ball Z, as far as I know, you must have heard about this character and watched this cartoon series.

ragon Ball's Frieza Christopher Ayres

Dragon Ball’s Frieza Death

It was one of the best cartoon series, which we used to watch. Still, it is the best cartoon ever. Dragon Ball’s fans are not happy to know this Christopher is no more now. After hearing this news, tons of people have come forward and started to pay him tribute on social media sites. We can also find lots of posts along with heart-touching captions on social media platforms.

Christopher Ayres was professionally a voice actor, who used to be known for his profession mainly for giving his voice as Frieza in the Dragon Ball. Christopher Ayres’s death news has become public on the 18th of Oct in 2021, he has left the world at the age of 56 years old. As of now, netizens are searching for Christopher Ayres’s death cause. Christopher Ayres’s death reason is not revealed yet, we will update you very soon with the missing information. As per the recent updates he was suffering from the end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease over the years, finally, he gave and died.

Christopher Ayres Girlfriend

As per the report, Christopher Ayres’s girlfriend and fellow voice actor, whose name is Krystal LaPorte. She has confirmed this news in a post on the Twitter, where she shared this news with his number of pictures along with a long caption while expressing her feelings, we express our deep condolence to his family on his sad demise, may his soul rest in peace.

Christopher Ayres Bio-Age

Ayres was born on May 16 in 1965, and his hometown is Richmond Virginia. As far as we know in the year 2003, he has started his profession as a voice actor. In his journey, he has worked in a number of anime series and gave his voice such as aint SeiyaMezzo DSAGantz, Speed Grapher, Fairy Tail, Black Butler, and Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, among many others.


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