On Tuesday, famous guitarist Eddie Van Halen died, which is a piece of the very sad news that a great guitarist is no longer with us. Let us tell you that he has been caused by cancer, we will let you know every aspect related to his death. Stay with us until the end of the article.

eddie van halen

The guitarist’s death was announced by his son via Twitter. The son tweeted, “I can’t believe I would write this, but my father Edward Lodewijk van Helen has lost his long and hard battle with cancer this morning.”, The son expressed great sorrow over the father’s death and said, “I cannot believe that my father has lost in this battle of cancer, who has supported me on stage every time. How I will be without him is an integral part of my life. love you so much pop.”

Eddie Van Halen was born on 26 January 1955, who was also a great guitarist with the lead songwriter of the American rock band Van Helen. Let us tell you that Eddie van Halen was considered to be the greatest guitarist of rock music, with this he founded the rock band Van Halen in a very big position named after his brother Alex.

Wiki, Bio:-
Name: Eddie Van Halen
Birth Name: Edward Lodewijk Van Halen
Born:26 January 1955
Death: 6 October 2020
Nationality: American
Spouse: Valerie Bertinelli
Children: Wolfgang Halen

In 1962, the Van Helen family settled in Pasadena, California, moving from the Netherlands to the United States and participated in the annual piano competition held at Long Beach City College between 1964 and 1967, in which they also gained first place in piano, ever since. His interest in guitar and song music increased. With this, the important day of his life was the day he played drums, yes he started playing drums in the 1970s. In addition, he released his debut album in 1978, after which he released one of the best albums and sold more than 75 million albums.

Great artists of rock music paid tribute to him and the bassist of the flea Red Hot Chili Peppers also paid homage to him. We will always keep the great guitarist alive in memories and also appreciate his album and the work he has done. Stay with us for more updates related to this news.