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Emma Robert expecting her first child with Actor Garrett Hedlund

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Reportedly discovered Emma Robert’s pregnancy, Yeh! Emma is awaiting his first child.  Surprisingly, she was dating Garrett Hedlund for beyond a year…Yah Joke’s against us. It was announced that the pair are new friends, a twosome of weeks old. We indeed heard that their relationships are no important; neither do they think of engagement, they mentioned their relationship as fun than anything serious.

The pregnancy report was brought up on social media on Thursday by Kelly Cunningham and confirmed that their daughter is pregnant and she is very excited to become a grandmother.

Let’s hold our belts to drive in their story! Keep your eyes stuck.

These two ended up mentioned first in the headlines was in March…obviously last year. Garrett and Emma smiled at each other while holding hands and hanging out. Garrett has secured pretty good roles from 2000 to 2010.

Emma was previously in a serious relationship with actor Evans Peters. They were together for about five years, the two quite after their engagement. Hedlund was in a relationship with his co-star of On the Road, Kristen Dunst which was highly mentioned in 2012. They both met each other in 2011. They both were in a long relationship of pretty four years. Yeh! Shocking. But true they were together from 2012 – 2016. There we even rumor flying that both of them were getting against, but they parted.

We congratulate Emma and Hedlund for romantically involved with each other are starting a new phase of life together. They both are extremely excited to welcome their child. Okay, it is a sudden shock but has ended up eyes sparkled.

Both of them were proclaimed as smiling and laughing but never confirmed their relationships. Garrett only has a twitter account which often remains inactive. Okay, he must not be cherishing social media. He followed a total sum of two people- McGraw and Kristen Dunst. Never seen his Instagram account either. I forgot to mention Garrett even knows about singing and playing guitar, he learned this for his role in Janitor of Neau Hutton.