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Everything you need to know about Apple WatchOS 7 release date and features

source = cnet

In its recent WWDC series of announcements, Apple announced the release of its new operating system for its wristwatches. So if you are an Ardent user of Apple Brand this one is great news for you. The operating system WatchOS7. The Beta Version of WatchOS 7 is already made available to developers in June and will be available for the public arena in July 2020. However, the official release date has not been announced it is expected to be in line with the release of Apple Watch 6 series as the series will definitely come with the latest watchOS.

As far as users of previous versions of Apple watches are concern the WatchOS 7 will work with Apple Watch 3.0 to 5.0 series but won’t be available for earlier or basic versions of Apple Watches.

Apple is coming up with a lot many new and exciting features in its latest Watch Operating system, which includes Sleep Tracking, that is to track your sleeping habits so that you wake up and go to bed in time. It will also have dance tracking and workout tracking features to keep up the level of fitness high. Apple maps will give turn by turn direction which will be perfect for cyclists. It will also add wind-down mode to your Apple watches. Along with this all that it will give you access to new features of series that will come with the launch of ios14  which includes voice to text messaging and search queries along with new translation features which will help you talk to the person of different languages. The new WatchOS 7 will also have hand wash tracking and hearing protection features.