Home News Fiston Ngoy Rapped a Woman in PA Train, Know Wiki-Bio

Fiston Ngoy Rapped a Woman in PA Train, Know Wiki-Bio

Fiston Ngoy Rapped a Woman

Fiston Ngoy is one of the Philadelphia man, who has become the headline of the news. He has rapped a woman in the commuter train in front of all passengers, as per the statement of the police, the onlooker has done nothing to stop him, it was such a shameful thing for all of them. We are taught in outer school and colleges that whenever such kind of event takes place in from of you, do not stay silent and fight against this being a gentleman and responsible man. Let’s find out more details related to the case, we will let you know further update.

Fiston Ngoy Rapped a Woman

Fiston Ngoy Rapped a Woman in PA Train

As per the police officers, the man was caught in the footage while sexually assaulting a woman and rapping her on the Wednesday aboard a Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority train Upper Darby. Police have stated that “Ngoy first sat next to the woman and tried to touch her. The woman pushed him away several times before he pushed her down, ripped her clothes off, and sexually assaulted her”.

As per the investigation, we got to know that, this incident happened 8 times, and no passenger has tried to stop the man. This incident is also recorded on the train camera, which helped officers to capture the culprit, main culprits are the people, who were standing and looking at everything. After all this, the woman, who was the victim of this incident, was in shock or not well mentally. She was admitted to the hospital nearby the location.

The Upper Darby Police superintendent, whose name is Bernhardt, has talked to the victim, so he could find more details related to the case. The superintendent said that she is a strong woman, who has come forward to provide us with more details, she is being supported by lots of people. Now she is recovering quickly, but that was the worst thing, all the people, who were around her, no one of them helped her, it was a disturbing thing.

Fiston Ngoy Wiki-Bio

People are searching for who is Fiston Ngoy? We would like to tell you that he is a 35 years old man, who was born in the year 1986, his birthplace is Philadelphia, United States. He is holding an American nationality. As of now, he has not disclosed his personal information, he has been arrested at present, for more latest updates keep following this site.


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