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‘God of war 5 ‘ Is an Adventure Game Franchise Created by David Jaffe in Sony’s Santa Monica Studio.

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 It is beginning in 2005 on the Playstation 2 (PS2). It is a mythology-inspired franchise that has won the heart of these Generation of players over 14 years. Currently, the users are eagerly waiting for the announcement of God of war 5 for the Playstation 5. Manager of the Game name Cory Barlog also had the mouth shut and not given us any hints relating to the release date or the game as such nothing can be told explicitly by us as well without further information.

What can be the estimate of the plot of Part Five?

Father and son will be the realm, and they will reveal the Atreus at the very end. There are chances that the duo will visit the three places Svartalfheim, Asgard, and Vanaheim. The last will be Freya and Vanir as it is given as a hint in its first installment itself. It is still a rumor to be getting its release date by late 2020, or early 2021 might be the release date of the game. 

Twist in the plot 

Atreus may be anticipated as not being a boy, and the game will probably pick up from where they left us in a midway. Ragnarok is coming, it is in its end time of Norse mythology where Lear is, and Atreus will trigger the apocalypse. Revealed in the God of war four real names of Atreus in Loki it also hints towards that there is more to an orator son than we know. Kratos v Thor will be the highlighted part of the God of war 5. Maybe, it will bring an end to Ragnorak and everything.

God of War 5 can be seen elsewhere?

Only, after the launching of God of War 5, it can be told as per the ability to say, and it will thoroughly depend on the popularity of the game as a component.

 God of War 5 will have bigger fights. 

It will continue the traditional sense, but it is open, and something will be different from the previous installments.  After the consideration, everything that went into the new installment will be made in the sense that God of war 5 continues down the path but will be more significant on the scale. It will be considered about having bigger fights.

God of War director has already planned five sequels

The franchise is undoubtedly upon its game-planning it will possibly release the fifth part soon. The reports are that they have planned the sequel after the fifth release as well which is likely to be announced soon. The Norse theme or even end up happening at all the same, but it is safe to say that at least one or two will go gold one day. It might be a scenario that it will be the last major first-party games to release on the PlayStation 4 as well.

 I hope that it releases soon…


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