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Google Photo Service to run out of “free gas”, what are the expected charges? Latest news from the sources


Google is a big example of how marketing techniques can evolve in the due course of time. One of the effective strategies that the organization has adhered to is the initial taste of free service to its users. This has enabled Google to get in the right amount of promotion without actually spending much on it. Anyways, the entire internet literally belongs to them, so what’s the need for a rush huh?

On the same line of practice, the free service for Google photo scan has ended its free run at the market. In an online and press release, the tech giant notified its users that the service has run out of free trial days. The notifications were also directly sent to the users who were already in touch with the service. As for the future course, it looks set that Google may launch it with a decent price tag, albeit after a reasonable delay. As for now, the product and the project look ready to grace the shelf.

Why though?

It has remained largely unclear as to why Google took the step for moving its product away. The whole period can be conducive more as a beta test phase for a major project already in the pipeline. The declaration from Google’s side has been majorly unclear too. On the official line, the company declared that it was a successful ride with the users who availed the services and benefitted from it. Moreover, the feature was exclusive and one of its kind for the users too. 

What it was?

Google photo print service provided the users the option with direct print ranges that had the facility of custom prints too. For example, there was a wide array of options to choose from such as the pets and love category or the conventional landscapes too. The algorithm decided and provided the options on an intuitive basis to its users and presented them with the print. Then the final option for the customization and result was in the hands of the user. The whole service introduced a wide range of working ease to its frequent users too.