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Google Pixel Foldable Phone going to launch in 2021, Phone Price


The internal instrument with pixel foldable devices indicates that Google will soon bring Pixel 5A and at least two other devices. A Google charter suggests that it aims to launch a “foldable pixel” cellular phone, code-named “passport”, during the last trimester next year, 9to5 Google announced. The charter also suggested that two other devices, codenamed “raven” and “oriole” could also be released at the end of 2021.

Google foldable pixel

All about Pixel Foldable Device

Google pixel foldable device can be launched the next year, which comes across an internal android charter. The latest news indicates that Google has started working on its first foldable device, which will be launched in 2021. The internal instrument, along with a foldable device, shows that Google pixel is developing an android build for 5a and at least two other devices. Pixels 5a is believed to be an upgrade version of recently launched pixel 4a.

  • Google plans to release its first foldable pixel phone in the Fourth Quarter of 2021.
  • The foldable device named “passport”
  • According to a report, companies like Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola have issued a foldable phone.
  • Google said earlier that he was thinking of a foldable phone, but the company has indicated no plans to expand or issue such a product.
  • Google executive Mario Queiroz also confirmed the foldable phone.
  • Two other devices of “raven” and “oriole” codename have also come in front

Google foldable pixel

9 to5 Google has accessed this internal android document which lists a drop of pixels of a publicly launched phone and a few unannounced phone blocks. This includes a pixel 5a, whose code is given a “barbette”. Also, the foldable phone has been reportedly been given a “passport” code. There are two other devices that have underdevelopment called “raven” and “oriole” code. It is speculated that “raven” and “oriole” pixel may be the codename of the six series, which can be launched in 2021

Design of Google Pixel Mobile

A patent filed by Google last year showed a prototype design of Google foldable smartphones with an intrinsically foldable display. The design can be one of several folding prototypes that Google tested. So far, the pixel folding phone is not actually leaked, so we can’t yet guess its design.Google foldable pixel

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