Grace and Frankie is a Netflix series created by Marta Kauffman (creator of iconic series F.R.I.E.N.D.S.) and Howard J Morris. The series started with two women being each other’s arch-rivals. But now the show has come to a point where they have no one but each other to lean on. This is because they realize that their husbands have fallen in love with each other and want to get married.

Their rivalry gives way to a new friendship that will last a lifetime. And Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin (playing Grace and Frankie respectively) shared such fabulous chemistry that the audiences loved and the 6 seasons that followed are a testimony to that.

The official twitter account of the show recently announced that there would be a Season 7 to this acclaimed series which would also be the series finale. The number of episodes in this season would be 16, bringing the total number of episodes of the series to 94. This series will be Netflix’s longest-running series to date.

Season 6 Plot (And what it has for season 7):

Grace, now married to Nick (played by Peter Gallagher), finds out that Nick is, in fact, a stylish and charming, white-collar criminal. This happens when the police take him into custody for stacking up illegal amounts of cash stuffed in an entire sofa! What remains to be seen in Season 7 is whether this arrest creates trouble in his and Grace’s marital bliss.

Season 6 was particularly harsh on Grace’s daughters, Mallory and Brianna. While Mallory lands a dream-come-true job in San Francisco, older sister Brianna is going through a phase of superiority complex. This is because she has been the boss of her own after she took over the business from her mother.

So, you can understand her situation when she would be reporting to her younger sister as her subordinate! Will they get past this phase is what will be exciting to see in the upcoming season.

Season 6 had another highlight when Sol found out that he had prostate cancer. He, at first, hesitates to go for surgery, but eventually goes through with it. More details about what happens after Sol’s surgery will be revealed in Season 7 of the series.

‘Grace and Frankie’ Cast:

The cast boasts of some of the biggest names in Hollywood right from Jane Fonda to Lily Tomlin, who play female leads on the show. Let’s take a look:

Jane Fonda – Grace

Lily Tomlin – Frankie

Sam Waterson – Sol (Frankie’s Husband)

Martin Sheen – Robert (Grace’s Husband)

Peter Gallagher – Nick Skolka (Grace’s new husband)

June Diane Raphael – Brianna (Grace’s daughter)

Brooklyn Decker – Mallory (Grace’s daughter)

Baron Vaughn – Nwabudike “Bud” Bergstein (Frankie and Sol’s adopted son)

Ethan Embry – Coyote Bergstein (Frankie and Sol’s adopted son and Nwabudike’s brother)

Season 7 Trailer:

The trailer for Season 7 of the show has not been released yet and is hugely awaited by the fans.

Release Date:

Season 7 will air in the year 2021 as the first episode of Season 6 aired on January 15, 2020. The creators have not zeroed in on a particular date yet.

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