Home News ‘Herd immunity can’t end the pandemic…A vaccine is critical’: Bill Gates

‘Herd immunity can’t end the pandemic…A vaccine is critical’: Bill Gates

Bill Gates said

Bill Gates, co-founder, and co-founder of Microsoft said the vaccine played an important role in eradicating the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic because the Indian pharmaceutical industry has the ability to produce high-quality vaccines at affordable prices. – Bill and Melinda Gates (BMGF) President in an email conversation with HT. The impact of the pandemic on society and the economy is reflected in the fourth annual UN Gatekeepers’ Report, which aims to strengthen inequality, eradicate poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and fight climate change by 2030. 20 years of development.

Bill Gates said "Herd immunity can't end the Pandemic, A vaccine is Critical

COVID-19’s economic losses are exacerbating inequality and extreme poverty has risen by 7%. The International Monetary Fund estimates that the world economy will lose $ 12 trillion or more by the end of 2021, despite spending $ 18 trillion on the world’s largest GDP since the end of the Second World War.

Could coronavirus vaccines (Covid-19) provide long-term protection?

Estimating how long the care will take is very small. We do not currently have sufficient information about the duration of the disease against antibodies and T cells, and we do not exclude vaccine candidates. Many vaccine trials should begin to report performance data in the coming months, which will begin to answer these important questions. The good news is that there are a lot of vaccines being tested, and each one works differently. This provides the greatest opportunity to develop effective vaccines.

What role do Indian drug and vaccine manufacturers play in preventing COVID-19?

They play a key role and have the ability to produce low-cost, high-quality vaccines. A great example of this is the Indian Serological Institute, which produces more vaccines than any other company in the world. The Vaccine Association Foundation and Gavi have announced that in 2021 the Serum Institute will raise 100 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine for low- and middle-income countries. It was agreed to prescribe a serum vaccine at a price not exceeding $ 3. The serum is the only company in the highly dynamic industry that can support the COVID-19 response. Prior to COVID-19, our foundation worked closely with other Indian companies, including Bharat Biotech and BioE, to support the development and delivery of safe and effective vaccines in India and around the world.

Could COVID-19 end without a vaccine? Is crowd immunity possible without vaccination?

There are two unresolved issues when people implement multiple immune strategies to manage the epidemic. The first is that if many people are immunized and the disease does not spread easily, spreading the disease to humans could lead to the death of millions of people. Second, because children are born without immunity, herd immunity is always temporary, as there are people who are sensitive enough to start spreading as a result. Vaccination is very important for two reasons. Now he will save this spirit and save future generations from this experience.

What role do technology and data play in the Covid-19 response?

The importance of information is difficult to assess. We are currently awaiting treatment and vaccinations, and we need to rely on measures such as disease control, drug prevention agreements, quarantine, and social distance and know how it spreads. The more you know who is at risk, the more likely you are to develop a strategy to keep the number of jobs to a minimum. With the advent of new therapies and vaccines, these new tools are helping to inform the world about whether their treatment modalities are changing. The more you know about COVID-19, the better it will be to fight it. But these lessons should only be used if there is information.