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‘HTC Desire 20 Pro’ launch in June 16 2020 Here is All latest Update Features , Price Every Details Here..

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HTC was founded in 1997 and it began to start manufacturing computers and laptops. The founder of HTC is Cher Wang. HTC served its purpose in world wide. HTC got success initially when first launched as a smartphone and it was giving neck to neck competition with other smartphones at that time as it was having all the special features. However, the company experiences net losses consecutively. After that HTC decided to come back so he merged with google and developed special features in the smartphone and started to gain its popularity again. The official website of HTC is www.htc.com

HTC is making its smartphones to come back soon.

HTC will soon enter the market probably next week and again it will attract the users with its charming features. People forgot about HTC for the last few years but it is again going to do an amazing comeback and this time it will make a place in the user’s heart and memory.

HTC’s news on social media.

Yes, you have heard right in social media that the upcoming phone of HTC is not at all a surprise for the users. There were many rumors that whether HTC really is coming to unveil itself. The HTC company kept a teaser of 16th June and now we can say that it is not a rumor, rather seriously HTC is stepping its feet in the market. Moreover, the Taiwanese website confirmed that they are seriously going to launch the smartphone on 16 June. The image that was posted by the company a few days ago clearly gives us a view that the smartphone is none other than HTC Desire 20 Pro. One can easily say that this smartphone is going to rule the heart of the years in the upcoming years.

image = gsmarena.com

Reactions of Users

So, HTC is going to launch its smartphone in a few days. How excited are you right now?? Yes, you must be thinking that whenever a company launches something new, it gifts us with exciting features. Yes, you are absolutely right, HTC Desire 20 Pro possesses all the exciting features which a user generally wants in any smartphone. Well, we can’t assure you correctly that exactly what features are there in this smartphone. But yes, it is Snapdragon 665, RAM is 6 GB and there are two cameras, the back camera is excellent and the front camera is also nice. If you are an amateur photographer, then you can try this smartphone.

The questions that the users are thinking right now.

There are various questions that the users are thinking right at this moment but the vital ones are about the availability and price.

Now it is not possible to confirm the availability. As the company is re-entering the market after a long time, so first they will see how much the smartphone is attracting the audience. If it becomes successful then obviously they will manufacture more. But for a few months, there will be a chance of less availability.

Another big question is what will be the price! The price might be low because it will be going to give competition with other smartphones. They will keep this in mind that this smartphone should be made affordable so that everyone can grab it.

Some people are spreading that HTC is soon going to launch 5G. Though it is considered as a rumor, not only HTC, rather no other companies are having plans to launch 5G now. Maybe people are very excited about the new smartphone that will soon come to us so they are expecting 5G or some other company want to ruin the Market value of HTC that’s why spreading such rumors. Whatever the reasons are, the whole world is excited that HTC is coming back with new and special features. So let us cross our fingers and welcome the HTC smartphone.