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Imlie Serial Written Episode 11th January 2021: Imlie Meets To Her Mother In Pagdandiya


Tonight’s episode of Imlie starts with where viewers will watch that, Aditya & Imlie’s way gets separated and Imlie says to him that now she should go to her house, & Aditya also says that now he should leave from here, He gives her the packet of notes then Imlie then Imlie says no to him to take that, then she asks him that how much money he added into it, he says 50,000 rupees, and he says that do not worry he will send money time by time, he says that he is very sure of his account.

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Then Imlie says to him that if it is the money of her work which she did in his house, so she used to stay there also, she says when she would clean utensils so she would eat in that also. She says that his house gave her a lot of things and this 50,000 is the rent of that, then Aditya says that whatever his family did with him, that all the good gesture of them, and she replies same. Then she says to him that he put a price on her belonging, and she says that Malini’s mother more than 100 times called her servant but she did not take her seriously.

After that, she says that through this money he makes her a stranger, she says that she can bear his anger, his frustration but she can not bear this amount which he tries to give her, then Aditya says that why she manipulates this, he says that it is his responsibility to take care of her and her mother. He says that all expenses of her study also call of him, then Imlie returns his money and says that if he could not accept her so there is no meaning to take this money.

Then they both go from there, another side her mother gets ill and one aunt of her village takes care of her. Then Satyakam says that it spoiled her health by getting wet I the rain, she keeps on remembering Imlie, then her grandmother comes and says that since when she returned from the city she did not do any work and now she gets ill. Then Satyakam scolds her, then Imlie comes there and her mother feels her and she comes to the door and after seeing her she gets happy & hugs her.

Then the doctor comes there and says that someone told him that her mother gets the fever, then Imlie says that first, she takes treatment then she will tell her everything about Aditya and her in-laws. Then Aditya comes to his room and makes a call to Malini, then his family members say to her that please set her mobile on speaker, then they ask to him that where is Imlie, he says that she has gone to her house. For more updates connect with us.