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Imlie Today’s Written Episode 1st June 2021 Update: Malini to Expose her Father Dev?

Imlie Today's Written Episode 1st June 2021 Update: Malini to Expose her Father Dev?

In today’s Imlie episode of 1st June 2021, you’ll see Meethi revealing the truth to Malini. She finally tells her Imlie’s father’s name. Actually, it happened when Meethi’s mother-in-law was commenting on her character and saying Imlie an illegitimate child. This was all happening when Malini was also standing there only.

Meethi is crying hearing such cruel words from her mother-in-law. Malini at the same time shouted at Mithi’s mother-in-law and says her to shut her mouth. Meethi is not at fault anywhere. She leaves the room. And, now Malini again asks who was the man? Meethi says he was an artist from Delhi and his name is Dev Chaturvedi!!!

Imlie Today's Written Episode 1st June 2021 Update: Malini to Expose her Father Dev?

Malini is extremely shocked. She doesn’t even know how to react. She just starts crying. She is completely clueless. Meethi says he has not only cheated on her but on her family too. She further says, she did not even know that he was already married and his wife is already waiting for him in Delhi.

Meethi says when she came to know about this, she never wanted to be with a man like him. Also, Imlie would not accept him as his father if she ever comes to know about this truth. Malini says Imlie should know about this and his father’s name. Rest it’s all up to her only. Also, Dev’s family must be aware about this too as they also deserve to know the truth and know what kind of man they’re living with.

Malini comes out and crying a lot. Aditya calls Malini to ask if she’s fine or not. Malini is not at all in the mood to talk to him. She only asks about Imlie where’s she? Aditya asks her what happened as she was sounding weird and absolutely not fine at all. He gives the phone to Imlie.

Malini apologizes Imlie. Imlie is not able to understand what Malini is talking about and ask her why she is crying. Malini says she will always support her, no matter what! Also, she wants to tell something related to her life very important. Imlie thinks she is talking about her and Aditya’s relationship but Malini says she is talking about something else. And, once she will be back to Delhi, she gonna tell her everything about that.

Aditya asks what happen to her and what she was talking about. Imlie says, she was talking about the truth that she gonna tell once she will be back. Aditya says it must be about your and mine relationship only. And, he says maybe Malini wants to tell about this to the entire family now. Imlie thinks she cannot do this as she wants to meet Kunal first and only then she will proceed further for this relationship.

Malini hugs Meethi while crying. Meethi asks her what is there that is bothering her. She says nothing and she tells her that she has to leave Delhi tomorrow only. Meethi says is there any examination or test? Malini says yes, something like that only. And asks Meethi to pray for her. Also, she says Meethi whenever she misses Imlie, miss her as well, and always remember she’s like an elder sister to Imlie so Imlie is safe there in Delhi with her.