India’s best dancer which is one of the best and popular show these days many of the people are watching and liking the show so here we have brought the article which is based on the show here you will know what is going to happen and excited things in the upcoming episode on 3rd of Oct. here you will know every single thing related to the show for knowing move forward and read the article carefully.

India's Best Dancer to resume shoot from July 13 with one-third crew size,  zero-contact teams, no live audience and insurance for everyone

As in the previous episode, the villain theme was given importance and with the best performance by the contestants. In the same way, you will enjoy the same episode as in the previous episode. In the upcoming episodes, you will see that according to comic timing, the hosts of the show Harsh and Bharti will start the show with the lighting of the episode. and also you will see one of the popular actresses and dancers Nora Fateh who has been filling the shoes of Malaika Arora because Malika is infected by a virus but as per the source she is about to join the show from next weekend.

In the next part, you will see that Lewis Belly Dancer will eliminate the show due to the judges of the show Geeta Kapoor and Terence will express their sorrow. With this, Geeta shared a picture with Nora Fateh and gave a caption in which she mentioned that Nora Fateh will leave the show in the coming week. Because Malaika Arora will return in the coming week. Along with this, she also told that Nora has spent a very good time with the show which we cannot forget even, we will always remember her in memories.

The episode also marks a very emotional moment between the candidates and the judges. Nora had also recently had an argument after her photo went viral showing Terence touching her appropriately. However, Nora clarified the issue and called it photoshopped. another side like Geeta, Terence who is one of the famous contemporary dancers he posted a picture with Nora Fateh and wrote the caption everything is normal between them. and also the fans of Nora Fateh will miss her presence on the show and all the candidates of India’s best dancer will do the same. because there are millions of fans of her on social media sites.

Apart from this, you will see in the show that all the contestants will give an outstanding performance on stage. And together Ashish and Misthi will perform brilliantly on “Aag bai”. According to the previous episode, the upcoming episode will be more vigorous which will entertain the viewers more, so do not forget to watch Sony TV’s favorite show India’s best dancer which will air on Sony at 9 pm.