Home News Johnny Depp acquiesced a hard-core “drug addict”, Court trials might resume soon!

Johnny Depp acquiesced a hard-core “drug addict”, Court trials might resume soon!

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard (Image: GETTY)

The famous Hollywood actor Johnny Depp aka Pirates Of Caribbean fame has been suing the publisher of the newsgroup of “The Sun” over the insulating article against him in April, ‘18’. The article causing legal dispute against NGN and Mr. Wootoon was targeted over the mention of the word “ wife-beater” in the headline of the article. The article was questioning the choice of JK Rowling for the Fantastic Beasts movie.

Hollywood actress Amber Heard, ex-wife of Johhny Depp, accused him of mental and physical harassment. To which the actor has denied the claim and they also move ahead for divorce in 2016. The divorce settled in 2017 with a lump sum from Mr. Depp. Later the newsgroup newspaper took a reference to the incident which Johnny Depp continuously denied. So he sued the newspaper for the irresponsible allegation. The Sun’s lawyer asked the high court to dismiss the baseless claims of the actor as he hid the texts which clearly prove his efforts to purchase drugs in Australia, at a hearing today in the courtroom.

Barrister Adam Wolanski QC from the defender’s side told the court that Mr. Depp had messaged his assistant Nathan Holmes about the drug requirements which they got from Ms. Heard’s lawyer. Mr. Depp texted Mr. Holmes on 7th March about ecstatic again. Mr. Wolanksi further stated that the use of the word ‘again’ indicates, it was not the first time.

Also, the barrister told the court, “Mr Depp texted Mr Holmes that he requires the “whitey stuff” as soon as possible which Mr. Wolanksi cleared, can be referred to cocaine. Later Mr. Depp texted Mr Holmes that he doesn’t want to hear a lecture about drugs.

The barrister gave reason for the violence that Ms. Heard tried to interfere with the consumption of numerous pills and washing them down with red wine by Mr. Depp. The actor continuously denies the claims and the trials might begin on 7th July.