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Kingsman 3 | Release Date, Trailer, Review, Cast, Updates


The very first question fans asked was “When will be the third Kingsman movie released?” after they saw the end of “Kingsman: The Golden Circle”. Mathew Vaughn the writer/ director of Kingsman revealed the plans in June 2018 about a totally different project i.e. Kingsman Prequel which will be based on the institution introduced in The Golden Circle. However, they seem more interested in making of Kingsman 3 which is for sure not The King’s Man and the report says that the previous two films made more than US$800 million worldwide, which is great news for the fans. 

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Kingsman 3: Who all will be there? 

Director Vaughn mentioned they have to finish the Eggsy and Harry relationship and this has to be told. Hence, Taron Egerton and Colin Firth should come back for the final trilogy. 

Still there is uncertainty about Egerton coming back or not to his role. The coming Kingsman movie will be released as a prequel which means he won’t be in The King’s Man. Though he will be in Kingsman 3 and he has gone through the final script. There are rumors that Channing Tatum and Jeff Bridges will come back. However, you never know who will be cast in the movie. 

Kingsman 3: Release Date in USA, UK & India

So Kingsman 3 was supposed to release in Nov 2019 but somehow it got delayed and the new release date was Feb 2020. Again, the release date got changed to 16th Sep of this year in the UK and after 2 days i.e. 18th Sep in US. In India is still nobody knows.

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However, Vaughn said in one of his interviews that shooting will get started either by the end of 2019 or early 2020 but the filming has yet not started. Hence, it is really difficult to say about the confirmed release date but yes you can expect it in 2021. 

If you are a big fan of Kingsman, then you have to keep your eyes open and continue looking for a release date on our website. Stay Tuned and we will do our duty to update you about the same.