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Ladakh Situation Very Critical: Want “Very Deep” Political Discussion

Ladakh Situation Very Critical: Wants

On Monday, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar was told that the state of the entire relationship with neighboring countries could not be linked with the state of the China border after it was confirmed by S Jaishankar with Moscow’s expected talks with Foreign Minister Wang Yi. Not only this, but the Foreign Minister was also told that the situation arising in eastern Ladakh is very serious, which was called a deep conversation at the political level by him.

Referring to the book published by The India Way Jaishankar, Jaishankar said that the border and road conditions cannot be clubbed together and he also said that I had earlier highlighted the unfortunate incident in the Galvan valley.

Ladakh Situation Very Critical: Wants "Very Deep" Political Discussion

Tension reportedly increased in eastern Ladakh over the actual line. The escalation of this tension was more after the struggle of Galvan valley on 15 June, and not only during the increase in border tension, 20 soldiers lost their lives, who were the brave sons of India. And not only this, but many soldiers of the Chinese army were also injured due to all this.

According to sources, during an American intelligence report, it was found that the number of wounded and killed soldiers in China is 35, but the problem is that even after this much, this case has not cooled down because no problem has been solved yet. And the matter is as it is.

Ladakh Situation Very Critical: Wants "Very Deep" Political Discussion

Peace is the basis of the relationship, the Foreign Minister said that not only this, he said that if peace and peace do not exist on the border, then it cannot be done that we will continue to base the same on the rest of the relationship.

On September 10, Jaishankar will meet Wang Yi in Moscow at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) meeting of eight foreign ministers. Obviously I am not going to tell you exactly what I will tell him, Jaishankar said.

Ladakh Situation Very Critical: Wants "Very Deep" Political Discussion

Although he said that it has been observed for the last 30 years during which the broad principles around which these conditions will be built, not only this, the importance of maintaining peace and tranquility on the border will be noted for the development of relationships and relationships. Not only this, it kept the forces at a minimum level along the border and gave a big boost to the behavior of armed forces and also talked about the number of treaties of both countries since 1993.

He added that if these are not taken care of, then this very important question arises because I see that this situation has been going on since the beginning of May which is a serious situation, not only that this situation would call for political dialogue between the two sides. Is, he added. In the end, Shri Jaishankar said that such problems were also in history and not only that there were many problems in history that were too heavy on the relationship.