Home News MAFS Amber Bowles, Matthew Gwynne Arrested, Charges

MAFS Amber Bowles, Matthew Gwynne Arrested, Charges

Matthew Gwynne Arrested

Another headline of the news, where a reality TV star seemed to be arrested recently. Rumors are going viral these days, we will find out if it is true and just fake rumors. Matthew has got arrested as per the news, he is famous for being part of MAFS, in the charge of Domestic vandalism. You might be thinking that who is Matthew Gwynne? We would like to inform you that he is one of the former pro basketball players and a reality TV star.

Matthew Gwynne Arrested

MAFS Amber Bowles, Matthew Gwynne Arrested

Matthew Gwynne is pretty famous among people, being a reality TV star, he has appeared on the Season 9 of Married At First Sight. He has an impressive fan following, Matt has been one of the popular sports person, who has played in the British Basketball League. Apart from this, he has also played in Liga Sisnova LNBP and FIBA. He had a successful career in sports, after that he has moved to work for other companies and worked at high positions such as Sales and productions Coordinator, and Agent.

He has not disclosed much about his early life. As far as we know he has been handcuffed after breaking into his ex-girlfriend, whose name is Shelby Neubauer’s home. He has kicked his girlfriend’s door and yelled, ofter they have a dispute with each other. When the incident happen both of them were at a party and they started to argue during this, she said him to go home and he threatened her to go to her house. At that time she was not at home but she revived a remain from the home security system, and quickly she reached home, she saw and broken and damaged door.

Charged For Domestic Vandalism

After all that Shelby has called the police and informed them about the matter, they issued the arrest warrant against him. In the end, he was arrested from a downtown bar on a Sunday night. As per further details, the MAFS star has been put behind the bars, he is in the Metro Nashville Jail on Oct 31, 2021.

He keeps a low profile and does not like to share his information with the media, we got to know that he was a married star who tied the knot to the Amber Bowles on the Married At First Sight. Amber’s friends have seen the incident and they informed her about this incident. Matthew Gwynne is quite active on his Instagram account with 43.8K followers, he shared his latest updates with his fans.


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