Narcotics Control Bureau continues to investigate into narcotics in the case of Sushant Singh Rajput’s murder, during which the NCB claimed that Bollywood celebrities were particularly involved in Kshitij Prasad who was in contact with them. NCB officials are working to recover deleted data from Khsitij’s cell phone, which could leak additional information about the spread of drugs in Bollywood. On Monday, the NCB called in experts to retrieve information deleted from mobile phones, including chats. Actress Rhea Chakraborty has undergone a similar drill by the Decision Enforcement Agency to recover deleted information from her cell phone, and her boyfriend, Sushant Singh, has allegedly bought drugs from Rajput. The information was passed to the NCB, who was arrested for drug trafficking. Officials say Khsitij’s is an important channel in a drug syndicate that includes KJ, Anuj Keshwani, and Ankush Arenja, known as Karamjet Anand.

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Authorities said Kshitij was not cooperating and was trying to derail the investigation by making unsubstantiated allegations that the NCB was forcing him to incriminate celebrities. In a press release published by the  CB, he denied allegations made by Kshitij’s lawyer, Satish Manshinde, that his client would be forced to appoint Karan Johar. “This is unfounded and devoid of truth,” the statement said. “When Khsitij’s involvement in crimes under the NDPS law was revealed, he was arrested after going through the legal process. His lawyer and his family (mother) were informed of the procedure. He was also allowed to meet his father-in-law and his wife at the MZU office, ” said.

According to Khsitij’s custody request, he purchased hashish/ganja from Arneja, Keshwani, and thus is part of a drug acquisition conspiracy with Arneja and other drug dealers. Authorities said the link extends further to drug dealer Kaizen Ibrahim, who was in contact with Sushant’s cook, Deepesh Sawant.

According to Anil Deshmukh who is the Minister of Maharashtra said on Monday that the state hopes to hear the results of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) investigation into the death case of Sushant Singh Rajput. “The Sushant Singh Rajput case was professionally investigated by the Mumbai police before it was suddenly handed over to the CBI. We too are looking forward to seeing what your findings are. People ask “did he commit suicide or was he murdered”. We are waiting to hear the outcome of the investigation, “Deshmukh told the media. Meanwhile, the CBI spokesman issued a statement on Monday saying that” the Central Bureau of Investigation is conducting a professional investigation into Sushant’s death. . Singh Rajput, where all aspects have been examined and no aspects have been ruled out to date. Investigations continue. “