Home News Mariposa Family Died From Hyperthermia Mystery Solved!

Mariposa Family Died From Hyperthermia Mystery Solved!

Mariposa Family Died From Hyperthermia

One of the most searching news on the internet, where a whole family has died, it sounds pretty scary, right? As per the report, the family has died due to Hyperthermia or maybe Dehydration, there is no exact reason being this, investigating is going on. The mysterious family death was reported two months ago in the remote Sierra National Forest Trail, it was announced by the Sheriff’s office on a Thursday.

Mariposa Family Died From Hyperthermia

Mariposa Family Death Reason

The office has also made an announcement that it would be the Final Investigate Update, about the deaths of Jonathan Gerrish, Ellen Chung, their 1-year-old daughter, Aurelia Miju Chung-Gerrish, and family dog, Oski, an 8-year-old Aussie/Akita mix. It was the whole family, the dog’s death is still the mystery, and tons of people are showing their interest in that, as per the investigators it has also died of heart-related problems.

Do you know what is Hyperthermia? it happened when the temperature of the body is height and the heart stroke is in its most severe form. Further investigators that the condition of the weather is so dramatically from the mid of 70s to 100 degrees on Sunday, Aug 15. As per the further details, when the whole family was hiking in the Hites Cove Area of Devil’s Gulch, it is the Southwest of Yosemite National Park.

Sheriff’s Office Investigation

The whole family’s dead bodies were found two days after on Tuesday on the 17th of August by the rescue team. At the time of their death, they had done 8 miles loop hike, the temperature was around 107 to 109 degrees in that area, it is not sure that all of them died at the same time or different.

The exact death is still being found, the first reason we got to know that heat-related. The office has also considered the statement of the Gerrish-Chung family at the news conference.

It is one of the sad news, which broken number of hearts, their other family members or relatives are feeling blue they are mourning especially for the death of the baby, after that they also became thankful to the Sheriff’s office for the investigation for their efforts in the case.

We also express our deep condolence to the family and their loved ones, may their soul rest in peace. For the more latest information and trending news, do follow News135.com, you can also bookmark it.


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